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LUAS—Twenty Years On

This year will mark twenty years of LUAS tram operations in Dublin.

Construction began several years previously, and the first trams arrived in 2002 and were stored at the Red Cow tram depot prior to service.

I was away from Dublin for most of 2004, but returned briefly in April, where my friend Hassard Stacpoole invited me on a pre-service tour of the new Green Line, and then again in November that year, just a couple months after services began on the east-west Red line.

I made the photos in this selection of the Red Line extension to the Point Depot using my Lumix LX3 at the end of March this year. This route opened in 2009.

Over the coming weeks and months, I plan to present some of my many photos of the LUAS expose during its early months of operation. These are among the 1000’s of slide I brought back from Dublin on our recent trip.

At 22 years old, the 3001/4001-series trams may be reaching the end of their useful lives.

DART at Connolly Station

Dublin Area Rapid Transit is an electrified suburban service focused on Dublin’s Connolly Station. This shares routes with diesel powered trains and provides a regular interval passenger service.

The oldest of its cars are the German built 8100, 8300 series units that date to beginning of the service in the early 1980s. I first photographed the DART in 1998.

I made these photos on Satruday using a Lumix LX3. Kris and I were on our way to Malahide, which is the northern extremity of the DART service.

Following its recent re-introduction to my camera arsenal, I’m continuing to experiment with a Lumix LX3, after nearly a decade since my original LX3 failed following more than 65,000 exposures. The LX3 was my first digital camera.

Two March Firsts from Years Gone By!

I wish I’d done more of this sort of thing.

This is a good exercise in seeing, and a great way to preserve the effects of change (or not, as the case may be).

Below are two views of Irish Rail’s tracks as seen from atop the Phoenix Park Tunnel off the Conyngham Road in Dublin. These images were exposed exactly one year apart.

In both situations, I was walking back to my old apartment at Islandbridge in Dublin and made a photo of the tracks with a Lumix.

The March 1st, 2014 view was made with an LX3 and exposed as a RAW File; the March 1st, 2015 photo was a JPG made with a Lumix LX7.

The vantage point was nearly identical, although the focal length and framing was slightly different.

LX3 photo-March 1, 2014
LX7 photo-March 1, 2015

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On This Day in 2009

November 13, 2009, I was experimenting with my then new Lumix LX3 digital camera.

Standing at ‘The Box’ at Islandbridge Junction, I exposed this sequence in RAW format using the 16×9 aspect ratio of passing Irish Rail trains.

Locomotive 175 worked a wagon transfer from Inchicore towing a pair of the 2001-built Talgo container pocket wagons (CPWs).

It was one of only a scant few photos that I made digitally of an Irish Rail Bo-Bo at work. Most had finsihed by the time, yet old 175 survived.

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Dublin Airlink-2013.

On this day in 2013, I traveled on the Dublin Bus 748 Airlink from Dublin Airport to Heuston Station. I rode the upper deck of the double decked bus.

This view on board was the product of my old Panasonic Lumix LX3 digital camera.

I carried this small camera with me everywhere to document my travels until it finally failed in Spring 2014, when I replaced it with a Lumix LX7.

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Lisbon Metro Seven Years Ago

On this day (April 6th) 2014 I exposed a sequence of digital images of the Lisbon Metro (no, not Lisbon, New Hampshire) using my Lumix LX3.

Although I was soon to replace my trusty Panasonic Lumix LX3 with the more advanced and flexible LX7 model, I feel that in many ways the end-picture quality of the LX3 was preferable over the that from the LX7.

Recently, through the kindness of Tracking the Light reader Wm Keay, I now have in my possession my third LX7, which makes it my forth Lumix digital camera.

I’m looking forward to the next round of photos from the ‘wee Lumix’—long may it serve me!

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