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Porto Metro-March 30, 2019

Three years ago, March 30, 2019, I exposed this view of the Porto Metro at Trindade Station (Portugal).

This modern light rail metro system was built, in part, on the right-of-way of a traditional narrow gauge railway line that served Trindade station as its city center terminus.

Photographer Dennis McCabe and I explored this Metro system on a very wet day in April 2014, and returned in 2019 to much brighter weather.

I exposed this view from the platforms at Trindade Station using my Lumix LX7.

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Three years ago at Luso

On this day three years ago (26 March 2019), Denis McCabe and I photographed CP (Comboios de Portugal) train IC513 crossing the massive valley-spanning viaduct at Luso-Bucaco, Portugal.

I made this pair of coming and going photos using my Fuji XT1 mirror-less digital camera.

The top photo required a bit of contrast adjustement using Adobe Lightroom, while the bottom photo is simply a scaled version of the in-camera JPG.

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Poceirao, Portugal; April 2014:

This image of a Portuguese Railways container train under a clear and cloudless sky exhibits the soft color palate of my Canon EOS 7D.

The locomotive pictured is a Siemens electric related to the Taurus and Vectron types in use across Europe.

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Six Years Ago: Ponte Dom Luis 1

The Ponte Dom Luis 1 is one of two magnificent Eiffel bridges spanning the Douro in Porto, Portugal.

On this day (April 5th), 2014, I worked with my Canon EOS 7D to make this photograph of a Eurotram crossing the bridge.

Porto is a remarkable and extraordinarily picturesque city.

Fellow photographer Denis McCabe and I were exploring Porto during a week-long photographic journey around Portugal. While the weather was good in the south of the country, it was foggy, raining and overcast in the north.

Portugal is among the countries prominently features in my book; Brian Solomon’s Railway Guide to Europe by Kalmbach Books see:


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English Electric in the Douro Valley One Year Ago.

It was just a year ago, March 30, 2019, that I exposed this digital image of a Comboios de Portugal (national railway of Portugal) passenger train winding along the picturesque Douro Valley near Aregos .

Denis McCabe and I had spent a week documenting Portuguese railways. Fine weather and excellent scenery combined to make this an enjoyable and successful Iberian adventure.

For this photo, I worked with my compact Lumix LX7. This compact camera produces outstanding results, owing in part to its Leica Vario-Summilux lens. Previously on Tracking the Light I published some of my Douro Valley photos exposed using my FujiFilm XT1.

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