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Eastbound Pigs at Dawn

I like allusive titles . . . 

At 6:38am on March 15, 1997 near Sagers, Utah, photographer Mel Patrick & I were set up to photograph this Burlington Northern Santa Fe container-on-flatcar/trailer-on-flatcar train as it worked east behind a pair of former Burlington Northern SD40-2s.

I exposed this color slide on Fujichrome film using my Nikon N90S with 80-200 zoom lens. Although this image appeared in print many years ago, I opted to scan it last night using an Nikon  LS-5000 scanner for presentation here.

I find it hard to believe I made the photo more than 25 years ago!

I like the pink sky, I feel it goes well with my mixed-metaphorical Pink Floyd title reference.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily!

Sunrise, Sunset & Stars.

Last weekend on our visit to Moosehead Lake, Kris & I stayed at Wilson’s on Moosehead.

It was at this same lakeside cluster of cabins that my family and I stayed back in 1972.

Since the gaps between freights on the Moosehead Sub occasionally approached 18 hours, I thought I’d portray the passage of time with a few non-rail scenic views of the lake from Wilson’s.

Sunrise at Moosehead.
Sunrise at Moosehead.
Sunset at Moosehead.
Milky Way over Moosehead Lake. Nikon Z6 photo.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily!