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Cortland, NY June 11, 2005

I was working on a book on Electro-Motive Division early General Purpose diesels. Specifically the GP7s, GP9s, GP18s and GP20s.

I needed photos of GP18s to illustrate the book, and at the time New York Susquehanna & Western was still regularly operating their small fleet of three GP18s, which the railroad had bought new from EMD.

So, photographer Pat Yough and I drove to central New York state and sought out these vintage locomotives.

I made these Fujichrome color slides at Cortland, NY, where the NYS&W operated a portion of the old Lackawanna.

Last night I scanned the slides, then processed the images in Adobe Photoshop to correct for color, adjust highlight and shadow areas and make other minor adjustments to contrast etc. Below I display both the uncorrected and corrected scans to show the differences between them.

Uncorrected scan.
Uncorrected scan.
Corrected scan. Version 1
Corrected scan. Version 2
Corrected scan. Version 1

Outside my window it is snowing, so looking at photos made on a bright Spring morning is a refreshing change of scene!

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