Thirty-five years ago today, I exposed this Kodachrome 25 slide of nearly new New York, Susquehanna & Western DASH8-40Bs in Buffalo, New York.

On May 21, 1989, NYS&W 4038 was leading an eastward double-stack train that had paused at William Street for a crew change. This was during the period when NYS&W was the designated operator of the Delaware & Hudson and had acquired two orders of new GE DASH8-40Bs built to Conrail specs to alleviate a motive power shortage.

Engine 4038 was just a few weeks out of the factory at Erie.

As with many of my Kodachrome 25 slides from this period, the image suffers from a cyan bias. Cyan is a blue-green color that is the opposite of red in common photographic reproduction processes.

After making a hi-res TIF scan, I imported the slide into Lightroom and made a series of minor adjustments to minimize the effects of the cyan bias and high contrast. I added majenta and yellow, while resetting the black point, lightening shadows, and reducing the highlight density. I made these corrections with aid of the Lightroom histogram.

Below are both the scaled but unmodified scan, and my adjusted version.

Unmodified scan of K25 slide. Original exposed with a Leica M2 with 35mm Summicron.
Modified scan.

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