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Tomorrow—July 16 2018:  Slide Show and Book Signing at Springfield’s 16 Acres Branch Library.


St. Gallen, Switzerland.
Framura, Italy.

—Springfield, Massachusetts: at 615pm on Monday July 16 2016, I’ll be giving a slide presentation on European Railway Travel followed by a book signing for my new Railway Guide to Europe published this year by Kalmbach Books.

This will cover more than 20 years of travel across Europe.

The Springfield City Library 16 Acres Branch Library is located at 1187 Parker Street in the 16 Acres area of Springfield.

Aigle, Switzerland.

For details on the library see: http://www.springfieldlibrary.org/library/about/sixteen-acres-branch/

Details on Library events:


Questions call:  Reggie Wilson 413-263-6858

Click here for details on: Brian Solomon’s Railway Guide to Europe.

August Trains Magazine: Stupid Questions?

My author’s advance copy of the August 2018 Trains Magazine has arrived.

Here’s the cover of August 2018 Trains—photo by Steve Glischinski. My article is on pages 16-17.

This features my commentary called ‘Stupid Questions?’

I’ve had my own!

I illustrated this editorial with a photograph I made at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.

Check it out.

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Europe’s Most Photogenic Urban Railway? Five Photos—Lisbon Trams.

As far as transit is concerned, Lisbon is the San Francisco of Europe.

Ok, you can nitpick about the methods of propulsion, cables versus juice, but with steep hills, outstanding urban panoramas and quirky twisting trackage in narrow streets and fully functional antique cars, Lisbon’s tram system has lots in common with San Francisco’s famous cable cars.

These cities have lots of parallels too, certainly in layout and appearance, and weather.

I made these photos in the Portuguese capital on a brilliant day in April.

There’s seemingly endless opportunity for photographs. But do you work with the shadows or in the shadows?

Canon EOS 7D digital photo.
View from a Portuguese restaurant. Canon EOS 7D digital photo.

For the tourist, Lisbon’s trams are both transport and an attraction.

Lisbon is among the cities featured in my new book, Brian Solomon’s Railway Guide to Europe  available now from the Kalmbach Hobby Store.


You can also get my book on Amazon. If you like what you see, please give me a good review! Thanks!

Red trams make a special circuit for visitors. Canon EOS 7D digital photo.

Canon EOS 7D digital photo.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.