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Rainy Day in Lille.

It was a pretty damp afternoon on my very brief visit to SNCF’s Gare de Lille Flanders.

On my previous visits to Lille, I’d changed trains at the modern high-speed international station in the Lille suburbs called SNCF Gare de Lille-Europe.

By contrast Lille-Flanders is an historic station in the city center that blends architecture from several eras.

The interior of the shed is a wonderful place to picture trains, as SNCF’s modern railcars make for a dynamic contrast with the station environs.

FujiFilm XT1 photo.

FujiFilm XT1 photo.

FujiFilm XT1 photo.
Lumix LX7 photo.
FujiFilm XT1 photo.

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Tomorrow—July 16 2018:  Slide Show and Book Signing at Springfield’s 16 Acres Branch Library.


St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Framura, Italy.

—Springfield, Massachusetts: at 615pm on Monday July 16 2016, I’ll be giving a slide presentation on European Railway Travel followed by a book signing for my new Railway Guide to Europe published this year by Kalmbach Books.

This will cover more than 20 years of travel across Europe.

The Springfield City Library 16 Acres Branch Library is located at 1187 Parker Street in the 16 Acres area of Springfield.

Aigle, Switzerland.

For details on the library see: http://www.springfieldlibrary.org/library/about/sixteen-acres-branch/

Details on Library events:


Questions call:  Reggie Wilson 413-263-6858

Click here for details on: Brian Solomon’s Railway Guide to Europe.

Something Green to Think About.

December 21 will be the Winter Solstice.

Since that usually means month’s more of cold wintery weather, I thought I would run a photo from last Spring to give you something to envy.

Exposed using a FujiFilm X-T1.

I made this photo of a TPC interurban car at Les Planches, Switzerland back in April.

The sun was warm, yet the air still cool. Alpine snows had melted and the grass and trees were turning green.

I made this image while researching Swiss Railways for my book on European Railway Travel. Today, I’m editing the layouts for the book, which is expected to be published by Kalmbach Books in 2018.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.

Virgin HST at London Kings Cross.

This is among the hundreds photos I chose for final consideration for my book on European Railway Travel. It is not an outtake. Instead this is among my selections for the section on railways of Great Britain.

Exposed on 3 May 2016 using my Lumix LX7. This image was adapted from the camera RAW image for maximum dynamic range.

In the text I discuss the great London terminals, and I use this photo to illustrate Kings Cross. I like it because it features a vintage HST in nice light with a dynamic view of the classic train shed beyond.

The HST (High Speed Train) was introduced by the then nationalised British Railways (BR) in the mid-1970s as the Intercity 125.

As a 125 mph train capable of operating on many existing lines with minimal changes to infrastructure and signaling this represented a significant improvement over older trains that allowed BR to speed schedules and more effectively compete with other modes.

More than 40 years later, many of the old HSTs are still on the move.

Exposed on 3 May 2016 using my Lumix LX7. This image was adapted from the camera RAW image for maximum dynamic range.

Tracking the Light Posts Every Day!