Bad Luck with the Belmond!

Two Sunday Mornings in a row I walked up to the line with an aim of catching an 071 class locomotive in heritage paint leading Belmond’s Grand Hiberniancruise train on its run from Dublin Connolly to Waterford.

Two Sundays, two locations, two heritage locomotives (numbers 073 and 071 respectively), and two different Irish Rail scheduled trains that got in my way.

Gosh, bad luck!

In both instances, I came away with different photos than I’d set out to make.

Irish Rail 073 leads Belmond’s Grand Hibernian in Dublin on 2 September 2018. An Irish Rail intercity rail car destined for Heuston Station is stopped at a red signal. Bad luck! The Belmond train was running a few minutes behind the advertised.
Bright sun, fluffy clouds, elevation, all the elements for a calendar perfect image. Oh no, an ICR! Shoo shoo!
Well, that didn’t work out as hoped! But then again, I have a zillion photos here anyway.

My question: might these photos age well? Perhaps the intrusion of the ROTEM ICRs may make these photographs more interesting in years to come?


I’m not one to get overly excited when a photo opportunity doesn’t work as planned. Sometimes it’s best to just keep making photos when a scene plays out.

PSSSST! (I also made some sneaky 35mm slides that may make the most of both situations).

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5 comments on “Bad Luck with the Belmond!

  1. The top photo is an ‘in-camera JPG’ with virtually no post processing except for scaling. I used the built in ‘Velvia colour profile’ and didn’t make any changes to contrast, colour, exposure etc. Pretty much it is as i saw it.

    Brian S.

  2. I especially like the top photo. The smoke makes 073 stand out. The signals and ICR give action and context. How much post-processing was necessary?

  3. DAN SMITH on said:

    You handled that one well! It’s still a good view.

    In the UK they call that “being bowled” when another train gets in the way of the main subject. (Think it might be a cricket term!).

  4. Are you sure no one would miss them? Not even the passengers?

  5. Stephen Hirsch on said:

    You could always Photoshop out the ICRs. Nobody would miss them!

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