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Ballast Crossing the Liffey a Dozen Years Ago.

I was still new to the concept of digital imagery on 22 April 2010 when I made these views with my old Lumix LX3 of an Irish Rail ballast train running around at Platform 10 at Dublin’s Heuston Station.

This view from the top of the Phoenix Park Tunnel was just a short walk from my old apartment at Islandbridge. The dust in the air was the result of a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

The old four-wheel ballast wagons were nearing the end of their days in permanent-way traffic.

In just a few days, I hope to be able to make a modern day view from this Irish vantage point. Fingers crossed.

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Guinness over the Liffey

July 2005. The view from my old flat at Islandbridge in Dublin.

Irish Rail 165 leads an evening Guinness Transfer over the RIver Liffey heading into the Phoenix Park tunnel toward Dublin’s North Wall.

I made this image on Fujichrome using a Nikon with a 180mm prime telephoto.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily!