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Glint on the Water!

Last week during my exploration of Irish Rail’s Cobh Branch with Ken Fox, I made this photo looking across the water toward Marino Point as a 2600 railcar made its way toward Cork.

I was working my FujiFilm XT1 with 18-135mm zoom lens extended to its maximum.

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Cobh Junction‑Glounthaune, Co. Cork—Revisited.

The trackage arrangement at Irish Rail’s Cobh Junction, Glounthaune gives the location great photographic interest.

Here the Cobh Branch and Midleton lines divide.

Historically, the line to Midleton (left) had continued to Youghal and was envisioned as a scheme to continue on to Waterford. Later the Cobh Branch (right) was built to reach the old port at Queenstown (Cobh).

The Cobh Branch developed as double-track suburban route, and ultimately the priority of the lines at the junction was reversed.

By the 1980s route via Midleton to Youghal had languished and allowed to go fallow. Ten years ago, after decades of inactivity, Irish Rail rebuilt and revitalized the route as far as Midleton. Today both lines are busy with passenger trains.

A Cobh Branch train bound for Kent Station, Cork approaches Glounthaune station.

This week, Ken Fox gave me a tour of Cork area railways, including trips along the Cobh and Midleton routes.

I made this view from the station footbridge at Cobh Junction, Glounthaune using a FujiFilm XT1 with 90mm lens.

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Cork Commuter Revisited.

Two or three times a year I make a visit to Cork.

Among the subjects I photograph are Irish Rail’s Cork area suburban trains.

Although not the most varied of operations (2600 series diesel railcars are the rule), the Cork Commuter system is an interesting subject. It provides a reliable, functional and well-utilized transportation system that works on a regular interval timetable.

The scenery is pleasant and over the years I’ve made many interesting images of the trains.

These are recent views made over St. Patrick’s Day weekend (2017).

Kent Station Cork. Exposed with a FujiFilm X-T1.

Passengers await the arrival of a 2600 railcar at Kent Station.  Exposed with a FujiFilm X-T1.

Schematic map of Irish Rail’s Cork Commuter network.

Glounthaune, Co. Cork.

Approaching Glounthaune, Co. Cork.

St. Patrick’s Day observers watch a passing 2600 railcar while waiting for Glounthaune’s parade. Exposed on Tri-X using a Leica IIIa.

Moments before Glounthaune’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Exposed digitally with a Zeiss 12mm Touit Distagon lens.

Littleisland signal cabin.

Cobh, Co. Cork.

Thanks to Irish Rail’s Ken Fox for recommending locations and supplying history and context.

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