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GO sunset—Sunnyside, Toronto.

Bitterly cold with a clear sky; that was Toronto on the evening of February 8, 2010.

I exposed this photo of a GO Transit train using my Lumix LX3. While this was a great little camera, it suffered from poor battery life. On this cold day, I rapidly worked my way through all three of my rechargeable batteries and had to take time midday to recharge one.

Exposed using a Panasonic Lumix LX3; f2.8 1/320 second ISO 80. Set manually. Vivid color profile.

By the time I made this frame, the last battery was flashing red, yet I had enough juice left for a few more photos.

My LX7 is a better camera and the batteries are much improved. Word to the wise: always carry a spare battery.

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Amtrak’s Maple Leaf on an Arctic Canadian Morning in February 2010.

Amtrak's Maple Leaf near Sunnyside in Toronto on the first leg of its journey to New York's Pennsylvania Station.
Amtrak’s Maple Leaf near Sunnyside in Toronto on the first leg of its journey to New York’s Pennsylvania Station.

on a frigid February 2010 morning, I exposed this view  on Fujichrome using my Canon EOS-3 with a 100-400mm zoom lens.

This was one of dozens of action photos I made while traveling with Chris Guss and Pat Yough that day.

One of the great challenges in working in sub-zero temperatures is short battery life. While my Canon film camera faired reasonably well, my poor Panasonic Lumix LX3 digital camera did not. By noon two of my three batteries had gone flat.

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