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Purple Tram Harcourt Street.

There’s a purple tram prowling Dublin’s Green Line.

The other day I was on my way over to John Gunn’s Camera Shop on Wexford Street and I made these photos with my Lumix LX7 of LUAS trams gliding along Harcourt Street.

This is a perfect place to pose modern Citadis trams against a backdrop of Georgian Terrace houses.

To compensate for flat lighting, with two of these three images I made some minor manipulations in post processing to boost sky detail, lighten shadows and improve contrast.

That means one of the images is simply the unaltered camera-JPG. Can you guess which one that is?

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.

Dublin LUAS Tram Trial at the GPO.

The other day on the way to Dublin Airport with Honer Travers, I spied a LUAS trial making its way northward on O’Connell Street on recently completed CrossCity trackage.

This made for an unplanned photographic opportunity. I posed near the Larkin Statue that I featured on the cover of my illustrated E-book on Dublin titled Dublin Unconquered (designed for viewing on Apple iPad and similar Apple devices).

I used a similar silhouette of the famous Jim Larkin statue on the cover of my E-book Dublin Unconquered. The irony of the image is that Larkin’s pose relates to his influential role in the 1913 tram driver’s strike that was something of a prelude to the 1916 Easter Rising.

After making a silhouette that mimics my book cover, I turned to make a few going away views of the tram passing Dublin’s iconic General Post Office.

The GPO is a symbol of Irish independence owing to its roles in the 1916 Easter Rising.

Lumix LX7 photo of a LUAS Citadis tram passing the GPO.
Citadis isn’t a destination; it’s the family of trams built by Alstom.
Exposed with a Lumix LX7

Later Honer and I boarded the 747 Bus, which gave me another opportunity to catch LUAS trial trams working CrossCity trackage.

This new LUAS line forms a link between the Green Line and Red Line routes that were formerly completely isolated from one another.

A view from Dublin Bus route 747 at Parnell Square.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily


If you have access to an Apple iPad, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac and are interested in my E-book Dublin Unconquered you can download the book from Apple iTunes for roughly the price of a sandwich. The book features many carefully crafted photographs along with detailed text and a lovely map.


LUAS on Trial: Cross City Line test, finally! Ten Photos.

I found it fascinating to finally see a tram negotiating Dublin Cross City trackage having followed the construction of the line over the last few years.

This my third post showing LUAS tram trial on 18 August 2017.

These photos were exposed using my FujiFilm X-T1 fitted with a 27mm pancake lens. That’s right: fixed focal length (no zoom).

Never mind the camera, what amazed me was how completely oblivious most passers by were to the tram. What does it take these days to catch notice?

Exposed with a FujiFilm X-T1 digital camera fitted with a Fujinon 27mm lens at Parnell Street.
Marlborough Street in Dublin on 18 August 2017.
The soon to be Marlborough LUAS stop.
Crossing Abbey Street at the Abbey Theatre.
College Green, soon to be Trinity LUAS stop.
College Green, Trinity LUAS stop (future).
LUAS trial in the rain near Grafton Street shopping.
St. Stephens Green.

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Tracking the Light EXTRA: VIRGIN LUAS on Dublin’s Streets.

To quote the phrase, Just Sayin’.

Twice over the last 24 hours, LUAS tram 4012 has caught my attention. This wears the latest of recent advertising liveries.

The red lettering helps makes for more interesting photos, although the lighting was pretty poor. I’ve had to make a variety of contrast adjustments in LightRoom to put a bit of zest into otherwise flat street photos. Silver trams on a dull day.

My opportunities to photograph 4012 are relatively limited. Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow, but then again if doesn’t I have my ‘safety shots’.

Abbey Street Dublin. Lumix LX7 photo, contrast adjusted in post processing.
Abbey Street Dublin. Lumix LX7 photo, contrast adjusted in post processing.
Abbey Street Dublin. Lumix LX7 photo, contrast adjusted in post processing.
Abbey Street Dublin. Lumix LX7 photo, contrast adjusted in post processing.


Tracking the Light Posts Daily!

Alstom Trams at Valenciennes, France—1 October 2015

For me it was like the LUAS transplanted. The trams at Valenciennes are variations of Alstom’s Citadis trams that have worked Dublin’s Green and Red Lines since 2004.

While, visiting Valenciennes, my host Mauno Pajunen and I went for spin on the light rail, and I made a variety of images using my Fuji X-T1 and Lumix LX7 digital cameras.

We benefitted from rich polarized autumn sun. Trams operated on a ten minute frequency on each of the two routes.

Tram_valenciences_DSCF3331 Tram_valenciences_DSCF3321 Tram_valenciences_DSCF3317 Tram_valenciences_DSCF3303 Tram_valenciences_DSCF3290


LX7 Photo.
LX7 Photo.


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