Redstone Special

Panoramic composite photo of RDC 23 at Pudding Pond in July 2019.

One of the hidden gems of the Conway Scenic Railroad is their ‘Redstone Line’.

This is the former Maine Central Mountain Division trackage that runs compass east from Mountain Junction near Intervale, New Hampshire.

This summer I had several opportunities to catch RDC number 23 Millieworking Friday afternoon specials to Redstone.

I’m now 4,000 miles from Redstone, but this weekend will be a very rare opportunity to travel the full length of Conway’s Maine Central trackage on a special run scheduled to depart North Conway at 9am.

This special Notch Train will run to the Saco River Bridge east of Redstone and then proceed back west to Mountain Junction and continue all the way over Crawford Notch to the west-end of Conway Scenic trackage at Hazens near Whitefield.

It will also be an opportunity to catch steam locomotive 7470 on the branch and over the mountain.

I’ll have to have one huge telephoto to catch the action from Islandbridge (in Dublin!!)


RDC 23 on the Redstone Line at Pudding Pond in North Conway.

RDC 23 near Redstone in July 2019.
Redstone line along North Conway’s North-South road.

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2 comments on “Redstone Special

  1. Hello Tom,
    No, it will not. The famous Ball signal at Whitefield is a few miles west of Hazens and beyond the limits of Conway Scenic’s present operation. On rare occasion they have received permission to operate to Whitefield, but that is not in the cards for Sunday’s trip. Rail movements to or by the balls are exceptionally rare, as at this point in time there is very little reason for a train to operate to Whitefield, and in all likelihood track conditions reflect the level of traffic.
    That said, rail movements on the east end of the Redstone line are also rare, and there are only passenger moves to Hazens (at the western reaches of Conway Scenic’s trackage) about twice a year. If you are anywhere near Conway, New Hampshire this weekend, I’d suggest a visit! Brian Solomon

  2. Brian, The MEC excursion you are talking about, does it go to the Ball Signal. I have never seen it with a train. Great photos daily! Thanks, Tom Savio, Executive Director, LA Union Station Historical Society. 626-799-3925

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