Irish Rail 232 in 2017; A 201-Class in Fresh Paint.

As 2018 draws to a close, I still have three more Irish Class 201 diesel-electrics to feature as part of my on-going 20 year Irish Railways Retrospective!

Next up in the queue is Irish Rail 232.

In  Spring 2017, this was the latest locomotive running around in fresh paint, and I’d made a point of catching on the IWT Liner (Dublin to Ballina, Co. Mayo).

Here’s two views from March 2017.

8 March 2017, Irish Rail 232 leads the up-IWT with container pocket wagons viewed from Stacumni Bridge near Hazelhatch in suburban Dublin.
The following week I caught 232 with the down IWT Liner roaring up ‘The Gullet’ from Memorial Road in Dublin.

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3 comments on “Irish Rail 232 in 2017; A 201-Class in Fresh Paint.

  1. The photos are still amazing, I say don’t worry about it too much.

  2. I don’t know.
    A week or so ago WordPress, which is the platform for Tracking the Light was upgraded. As a result something may have changed. If I can fix it I will, but I’m not very good with manipulating the software and WordPress doesn’t have any practical means of support, so far as I can tell. Brian Solomon

  3. Edward Bass on said:

    Hi Brian, I’m curious why your recently-posted photos no longer have the zoom / full-size option?

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