When a Rainy Day allows for a Better Photograph.

Here’s an example of when a rainy day allows for a better photograph.

Dublin’s recently extended LUAS Green Line passes the famous Fusilier’s Arch entrance to St. Stephen’s Green.

Two problems with a bright sunny day:

  1. the arch and foliage/trees in the park cast shadows that often make for a less simplified composition
  2. While the popularity of the park on nice days results in a continuous procession of people in and out of the park, making it difficult to frame up a tram beneath the arch. Simply getting an unobstructed view can be problematic.
Exposed on Kodak Tri-X with a Nikon F3 with 50mm lens.

Certainly you can make some kind of photo here on a bright day, but it will look pretty different than this classical view.

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2 comments on “When a Rainy Day allows for a Better Photograph.

  1. Hi Tom,
    Photographing the bog railways takes patience, good maps, and a car. I’ve never tried to reach the bog railways via public transport. The three big systems are centered around power plants at Lanesborough, Shannonbridge, and near Edenderry. Train crews go on duty in the morning, the trains head out in pairs, return midday and then often make a second run.
    Traffic is usually busiest near the plants.

  2. Tom Savio on said:

    Hi Brian, I have been a long time fan of your photos! I saw your credits on many of the Google photos of Irish Peat Railways. I will be visiting Ireland for about a week starting after Bill McAlpine’s memorial (13 May @ 2PM at Fawley Hill. ) I would like to get a few action photos of one of the Irish peat railways–do you have any suggestions? I’m not looking for an intensive visit–just enough to say I saw and shot them. Any suggestions? I would prefer to take rail or bus and then hire a taxi–driving on the left side always puts me out of sorts. Thanks, Tom

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