Two Years Ago I Traveled by TGV from Brussels to Bordeaux.

SNCF’s magnificently engineered high-speed railways lines (known as the LGV) permit its TGV high-speed trains to reach speeds of approximately 200 mph on select portions of the network.

On 26 April 2016, I traveled from Brussels to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport where I met my father who was arriving from Iceland, and we continued by train to Bordeaux. This was part of a three-week railway adventure across central Europe.

I made these views with my Lumix LX7.

SNCF’s Charles de Gaulle Airport Station offers excellent airline-train connections.
A Switzerland-bound TGV Lyria at Charles de Gaulle Airport Station.
Lounge/bar on the TGV where you can enjoy a beer or glass of wine at nearly 200 mph.

SNCF’s TGVs are among the high speed trains featured in my new Railway Guide to Europe published by Kalmbach Publishing.

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2 comments on “Two Years Ago I Traveled by TGV from Brussels to Bordeaux.

  1. No idea. That was a photo of my new book exposed two weeks ago on a flight from Dublin to Bristol. It would involve a time-travel paradox if the book was pictured on the journey featured in the book. Brian Solomon

  2. Stephen Hirsch on said:

    Can you get Barry’s tea on the TGV?????

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