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Snow Train Trial.

Yesterday afternoon (Tuesday February 11, 2020), I traveled with the Conway Scenic train crew on RDC 23 Millie that was performing a trial-run of our new Snow Train  service that will begin this Saturday.

By arrangement, the crew dropped me at milepost 64 along the Saco River, so that I could make some video and still images of the RDC to be used in Conway Scenic promotions.

These images are low-res Jpgs downloaded from my FujiFilm XT1 to my iPhone via WiFi.

Westbound at Milepost 64 near Glen & Jackson, New Hampshire.
Eastbound at Milepost 65.
Laying over at Attitash.

I made a variety of other digital images that I hope to download soon.

Between February 15th to 29th, Conway Scenic Railroad will be running seven trains a day on an 90 minute interval between North Conway and Attitash. This is something new for the railroad!

Tracking the Light Posts Daily

Steam and Snow! Mid-Continent Railway Museum—February 18, 1996.

The heat of the summer is a nice time to reflect on a photograph that benefitted from a frosty day.

Mid-Continent Railway Museum’s ‘Snow Train’ was an annual event that made the most of the weather and the equipment.

Back in 1996, Dick Gruber and I spent two very productive days photographing the event.

Saginaw Timber number 2 arrives at  the station in North Freedom, Wisconsin on February 18, 1996.
Saginaw Timber number 2 arrives at the station in North Freedom, Wisconsin on February 18, 1996. Steam locomotives are most dramatic in icy weather.

I exposed this morning arrival of Saginaw Timber number 2 at North Freedom, Wisconsin using my Nikon F3T with 200mm lens and Kodachrome 25 slide film.

By taking the prism off the top of the camera (one of the great features of the Nikon F3 design) I was able to hold the camera close to the ground for a more dramatic angle. The caveat was that I had to compose the image in reverse.

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