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Irish Rail by the rules at Hazelhatch, September 2015.

Sometimes I try to play by the rules.

It was rare glorious sunny day back in September 2015. Irish Rail had a full complement of trains on the move. Catching clean 071 class diesel 077 with the second IWT Liner was a bonus.

I exposed these photos along the Dublin-Cork line at Hazelhatch (about ten miles southwest of Dublin). Special thanks to John Cleary, who advised me on the day’s program, provided road-based transport and suggested some angles.

Down Irish Rail InterCity Railcar at Hazelhatch. FujiFilm X-T1 photo.
Down Irish Rail InterCity Railcar at Hazelhatch. FujiFilm X-T1 photo.



Photos by the rules:

  • Sunny day; tick!
  • Sun at least 30 degrees above the horizon and over right shoulder and positioned for evenly-lit three-quarter view; tick!
  • Rolling stock nearly free from shadows; tick!
  • Polls and wires minimized; tick!
  • View of railway wheels; tick!
  • shutter speed fast enough to stop the action; tick!
  • Trees and fences safely in the distance; tick!

Bonus qualifications: nominal elevation, clearly identifiable location and clean equipment.

Points subtracted: zoom lens used instead a prime ‘standard lens’. Digital used instead of film. Colour used instead of black & white. Evidence of people in some of the photos (minus two points, Tsk!)

Everyday Tracking the Light presents new material (qualified and otherwise).