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Today, 12 September 2018, Irish Rail 071 worked the down IWT Liner.

Monday on Tracking the Light, I posted my foiled attempts at picturing Irish Rail’s heritage painted 071 on Belmond’s Grand Hibernian.

Persistence pays off. Well, that coupled with a bit of luck.

A few minutes ago (12 September 2018), I returned on spec to my oft-photographed location at Islandbridge Junction for the down International Warehousing & Transport container train (Irish Rail’s IWT Liner that runs Dublin to Ballina, Co. Mayo).

I expected locomotive 234, which has been working this run for a while. Instead, I was rewarded with 071 in glossy orange paint. The clear sunny morning was an added bonus.

Here are two versions. One is the in-camera JPG using the FujiFilm ‘Velvia’ colour profile. The other is an adjusted file from the camera RAW, where I’ve lightened shadows and adjusted saturation and contrast. You can like one or both.

Irish Rail 071 at Islandbridge Junction in Dublin with Wellington Testimonial. Camera JPG featuring Fuji Velvia colour profile. Scaled for internet.
Camera RAW file, exported to Lightroom and modified for contrast and colour saturation to improve overall appearance. (Specifically to better balance the shadow areas, especially on the front of the locomotive.)

If these don’t work for you, I also made a Fujichrome Provia 35mm colour slide using at 40mm lens that takes in the whole scene.

For more about IWT see: http://www.iwt-irl.com

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