London Transport Museum


Historic Vehicles on Display at Covent Garden, London.

London Transport Museum
The London Transport Museum offers interpretive display of old transit vehicles. It is popular with kids and tourists. Lumix LX3

I’ve visited the London Transport Museum on several occasions, owing to its convenient location at Covent Garden in central London, and my general interest in transport.

Central to the public displays are a variety of historic conveyances ranging from horse-draw omni buses and horse cars to tube trains, buses, a double deck tram and a lone trolley bus.

London Transport Museum
Old double deck buses on display. I found it remarkable how small these buses are in comparison with those working London’s streets today. Lumix LX3

Perhaps more important than the equipment is the context the museum offers. London is one of the most transit friendly cities in the world and has a long history of offering public transport.

This year the London Underground is celebrating its 150th anniversary. As part of the city celebrations, the London Transport Museum has a display of Underground posters.


On my July 2013 visit, I made a few photos of the equipment on display at the museum using my Lumix LX3.

London Transport Museum
Vintage London Tube car on display at the London Transport Museum. Lumix LX3 photo.
London Transport Museum
This Victorian-era tube train displays a relative dearth of windows. Lumix LX3 photo.
London Transport Museum
Looking down a set of stairs on a double deck tram. How was the use of steps regulated when the tram operator was at the front of the car? Anyone? Lumix LX3 photo.




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