Four Quadrant Gates in Michigan City.

Sorry, this is not a pretty picture.

Here we have a potpourri of necessary clutter; a patched well-traveled road, various electrical poles and lines, the cooling tower for a power station, a signal-relay cabinet, a stray street light, and of course an Amtrak P42 Genesis diesel of the much-maligned industrial design.

Not pretty; but portrays a four-quadrant grade crossing gate protecting the highway an Amtrak train from Chicago crosses.

Exposed digitally using a Panasonic Lumix LX7. ISO 200 f3.2 1/1000th second. Image processed from camera RAW using Lightroom.

But this is Northern Indiana, not Tehachapi.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.

2 comments on “Four Quadrant Gates in Michigan City.

  1. Tom Warger on said:

    Interesting. Good photographers, you chief among them, normally reduce and eliminate clutter. But there are a lot of places where railroading creates clutter or goes right through the middle of it. Nice reminder of that in this photo.

    I smile when I look at this photo because after reading your comment, I think: “Gee, imagine what you would do to top off a pretty mundane (but essential) railroad picture? You’d put a cooling tower behind it, and for the cherry on top, you’d have steam coming out of the top of the tower. Oh, add a punchy-colored car to set off all the drab colors in the rest of the frame.” Well done! A great phtographer at work.

  2. Everything is so right about this photo I could swear you posed it.

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