Amtrak’s Vermonter passes West Northfield.

In late April, Mike Gardner and I made visit to the old graveyard at West Northfield, Massachusetts (south of the junction at East Northfield on the old Boston & Maine), to photograph Amtrak 56 (the Vermonter) on its way to St Albans, Vermont.

Light cloud softened the afternoon sun, which was slightly back-lit at this location for a northward train. To make the most of the old stones and put the entire train in the picture, I opted for my 12mm Zeiss Touit lens.

I made minor adjustments to the RAW file in Lightroom to present better contrast in the JPG image presented here.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.

5 comments on “Amtrak’s Vermonter passes West Northfield.

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Picture appeared today – 15 May.

    Worth waiting for.

    Michael Walsh

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Sorry Brian, but the picture is still not showing for me.

    Thanks for trying, but don’t spend more time on it.

    Michael W

  3. This problem continues to be intermittent and only affecting some readers. Complicating matters for me is that I don’t see the problem when I check my own site. I suspect it is related to the size and parameters of the photo file insert. Although never used to be a problem, since the Word Press update of a couple a months ago several readers have noticed that the pictures won’t appear. I’ve re-scaled and re-inserted the photo, this time at the BOTTOM of the post text. Hopefully you will see it there. Brian

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Alas, no picture.

    Michael Walsh

  5. Doug Alt on said:

    Now, THAT’s a nicely composed picture, with a graveyard as the setting! Unique, and interesting.
    Thank you.

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