Variety and Colour at Howth Junction in Eight Views—October 2018.

Howth Junction is a double junction (two running lines) where the Howth Branch diverges from the Dublin-Belfast main line.

Both routes are electrified for DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) services.

I made these views digitally using my FujiFilm X-T1 on a visit with Jay Monaghan last week.

In addition to DART electric trains, I made photos of Irish Rail diesel suburban services, the Dublin-Belfast Enterpriselong distance train, and a laden Tara Mines zinc freight.

Some autumn foliage near the junction made the location more colourful.

Dublin bound DART departs Howth Junction.

A DART train from Howth enters the main line. DART is now scheduled on ten minute intervals.
Malahide bound DART approaching the down platforms.
The same train as above paused at the platforms for passengers.
The Belfast bound Enterprise doesn’t stop for passengers at Howth Junction.
Irish Rail 077 leads the laden Tara Mines run toward Dublin port.
Irish Rail 29000-series CAF built diesel railcars head toward Dublin.

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