TRAINS Magazine Podcast: Conversations with Brian Solomon

Check out podcast Episode 17 ‘Conversations with Brian Solomon’: On a frosty day, I discuss the ins and outs of the freight car business with industry professional Dan Bigda. This offers an inside look into real freight railroading.

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Dan has often asked me to make more photographs of freight cars when I’m out and about on the railroad, so here’s a few recent views of North American freight cars on the move exposed on frosty days during my January 2019 trip to Wisconsin.

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3 comments on “TRAINS Magazine Podcast: Conversations with Brian Solomon

  1. Tom Rochford on said:

    Brian you are welcome. I was under the impression that cars in interchange service had to be scrapped at forty years, not fifty according to Dan Bigda. I mention this as two passenger conductors told me freight cars were scrapped at forty years, regardless of condition.

  2. Tom Rochford on said:

    Words fail me in describing how interesting that “Conversations With Brian Solomon” was for me. I learned a lot.
    Thank you,

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