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Meet the man behind the maps!

Conversations with Brian Solomon—Episode 20.

In Trains Magazine’s latest Conversations with Brian Solomon, I interview Rick Johnson, the magazine’s long-time map creator.

Check out this latest podcast on Sound Cloud via the link below.

I worked with Rick Johnson to create this New England railroad map to illustrate my feature article in November 2018 Trains.

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Conversations with Brian Solomon; Trains Magazine Podcast Episode 19—Discussions on railroad photography.

In this most recent podcast, I discuss railroad photography with Trains Associate Editor Brian Schmidt and Digital Editor Steve Sweeney. What do the editors see as overplayed in the genre? How can you get your photos in Trains Magazine? Listen in today and learn!

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Photo by Colm O’Callaghan.

I made this photo of Amtrak’s westward Southwest Chief passing Style T-2 semaphores on the old Santa Fe near Levy, New Mexico on a trip with Mel Patrick in 1998. What do Trains’ editors think of Santa Fe semaphore photos? Listen to the podcast, and you may be surprised!

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TRAINS Magazine Podcast: Conversations with Brian Solomon

Check out podcast Episode 17 ‘Conversations with Brian Solomon’: On a frosty day, I discuss the ins and outs of the freight car business with industry professional Dan Bigda. This offers an inside look into real freight railroading.

On the Trains page here: http://trn.trains.com/photos-videos/2018/09/conversations-with-brian-solomon

Direct link here: https://soundcloud.com/user-312824194/conversations-with-brian-solomon-episode-17

Dan has often asked me to make more photographs of freight cars when I’m out and about on the railroad, so here’s a few recent views of North American freight cars on the move exposed on frosty days during my January 2019 trip to Wisconsin.

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TRAINS Podcast—Conversations with Brian Solomon: Interview with Brian Schmidt and Angela Pusztai-Pasternak

Amtrak’s Empire Builder blitzes Brookfield, Wisconsin on a snow Monday evening during my visit to Kalmbach.

Check out my most recent TRAINS Podcast—Conversations with Brian Solomon, where I engage in a lively spontaneous discussion with Trains Magazine editors Angela Pusztai-Pasternak. We talk about Amtrak, Norfolk Southern, CSX and other topics, often taking unexpected tangents.

We recorded this on my recent visit to Wisconsin.

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Trains Magazine Podcast: Conversations with Brian Solomon: Episode 13

Check out my most recent pod cast on the Trains Magazine Website.


Conversations with Brian Solomon, Episode 13

I chatted with Trains’ former Senior Graphic Designer Drew Halverson about train-watching and railroading. Topics include favorite paint schemes, the true meaning of the West, and what’s cool in modern railroading.

Drew and I talked about the appeal of Western skies. Back in July 1994, I exposed this Kodachrome slide of BN grain trains meeting near the summit of Marias Pass on the former Great Northern in Montana. Note my low angle which allows you to see steel wheels on steel rails that helps define the train in silhouette.

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Conversations with Brian Solomon Episode 11

Today, Friday December 7, 2018, Trains Magazine released Episode 11 of my podcast Converstions with Brian Solomon.

Bob Bentley of Massachusetts Central is my featured guest in an interview conducted at the Palmer Public Library in Palmer Massachusetts.

Bob Bentley with Massachusetts Central’s NW5 at Palmer, Massachusetts in 2008.

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TRAINS Conversations with Brian Solomon, Episode 9

Brian talks with rail industry veteran Dan Bigda about issues in the industry and, specifically, the railcar supply business.
This is the first in a multi-part conversation.

Three bay hoppers cross Pennsylvania’s Rockville Bridge in summer of 2009. Exposed on Provia 100F with a Canon EOS3 and 100-400mm lens.

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Trains Podcast: Conversations with Brian Solomon, Episode 8

Conversations with Brian Solomon, Episode 8

Brian Solomon sits down with Trains’ passenger columnist Bob Johnston and retired Amtrak engineer Craig Willett to talk about the national passenger carrier. This is the second in a multi-part conversation that began in Episode 2.

Take a listen on the Trains Magazine website:


Chris Guss, Trains’ Brian Schmidt, Bob Johnston and Craig Willett in the Kalmbach recording studio in August 2018. Exposed with a FujiFilm XT1.

Amtrak’s Cardinal on the old Chesapeake & Ohio in Virginia.

Amtrak Capitols passenger train on the Union Pacific at Pinole, California in May 2008.

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Latest Trains Podcast is Live—Conway Scenic with Dave Swirk.

My latest podcast conversation, the fifth in a series with Trains Magazine, is now live.

This summer I had discussion with Conway Scenic’s Dave Swirk about his plans and visions for the railroad.

Check it out at:


View of the dome on Conway Scenic’s Notch Train.

Boston & Maine F7A 4268 is among the locomotives resident at Conway Scenic.

Maine Central 252 looks good in the morning sunshine at North Conway, New Hampshire.


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