Tracking the Light Daily Post: Mixed Pair at Ennis, County Clare.

Dusk, May 18, 2003.

By this date it was unusual to find pairs of small GMs working passenger trains in Ireland. Mixed pairs (dual-cab 141/181s and single-cab class 121s) were even stranger, but not unheard of.

I was in position on the platform at Ennis to catch the arrival of this Gaelic Athletic League special that ran with 134 and 163 and a set of Mark II carriages. The crew wasted little time in running around the train in preparation for returning the empty train to Limerick.

Irish_Rail_GAA_special_at_Ennis_163_134_18May2003_Brian Solomon 234338
Exposed on Fujichrome Sensia 100 with a Contax G2 Rangefinder fitted with a 28mm Zeiss Biogon lens.

I had only a few minutes to make this image of the locomotives on the Limerick-end of the train before it departed. If you look carefully, you can set a shunter coupling the locomotives to the carriages.

I’ve always like the effect of dusk in this image. For me it serves as both a graphic and a symbolic role. However, I’m not completely satisfied with the composition. The orange cone in the foreground is distracting and the radio mast at the far right annoys me.

As I recall, I didn’t have time to refine my angles. Before I could relocate, the driver sounded the horn, throttled up and was on his way!

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One comment on “Tracking the Light Daily Post: Mixed Pair at Ennis, County Clare.

  1. Could you crop out the annoying things or would that distort the picture too much? Would that cone and mast have historical value someday?

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