Taking A Ride on the A-train: New York City Subway

It was about 1980, when I made this interior view of an R10 subway car during a trip with my father around New York City. Pop thinks this was on the 8th Avenue line in Manhattan. It was one of three photos I made of the Subway that day .

The cars were not air-conditioned and the open fans intrigued me.

This was in that unsavory era on the Subway when the subway cars were decorated inside and out with graffiti.

Exposed on black & white film with my old Leica 3A 35mm camera.

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3 comments on “Taking A Ride on the A-train: New York City Subway

  1. Dwayne Lindsay on said:


    They bring out the old equipment every holiday season..

  2. Anonymous on said:

    They bring some of the old equipment out every holiday season.. the 2019 schedule is below.


  3. Charles F Seaton on said:

    This would have been a few years before these cars received their final overhaul and placed in service along the C Line.

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