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Taking A Ride on the A-train: New York City Subway

It was about 1980, when I made this interior view of an R10 subway car during a trip with my father around New York City. Pop thinks this was on the 8th Avenue line in Manhattan. It was one of three photos I made of the Subway that day .

The cars were not air-conditioned and the open fans intrigued me.

This was in that unsavory era on the Subway when the subway cars were decorated inside and out with graffiti.

Exposed on black & white film with my old Leica 3A 35mm camera.

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Hybrids, Gare Luxembourg—Four Photos on 8 April 2019

I’ll risk condemnation from the purists.

A reader wondered about exterior views of Gare Luxembourg.

While I have some views of the station, I’ll admit I was distracted by the hybrid bus charging station in front of Gare Luxembourg. I’d never seen anything like this charging station before.

The light was flat when I made these Lumix LX7 photos a month ago on my brief visit to Luxembourg City.

The charging pantograph is fixed to the gantry, not the hybrid bus. Each bus pulls below the gantry to receive its charge.

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Trams of Gent Part 2

One Europe’s Best Settings For Tram Photos.


Gent, Belgium.
De Lijn is Gent’s tram operator. Here a 1970s vintage PCC hums along with a church towering above it. Lumix LX3 photo.

It just seemed there was a photo opportunity everywhere I turned.In addition to these digital photos, I exposed a fair few color slides as well.

What’s that? Yes, film. But those images will remain latent (unprocessed) for some time yet.

Gent, Belgium.
A modern tram makes for a contrast with the medieval castle in the distance. Canon EOS 7D photo.

Gent, Belgium.
Gent’s trams roll through the city center every few minutes on regular intervals. Canon EOS 7D photo.

Gent, Belgium.
How many cities feature trams grinding along in front of ancient castles? Anyone? Canon EOS 7D photo.

Gent, Belgium.
Here I experimented with a low angle using my Lumix LX3. Same castle.

Gent, Belgium.
And for a more traditional view, albeit with a wide angle. Another Lumix LX3 photo.


Gent, Belgium.
Once out of the old city center, Gent’s trams pass through more recently developed areas of the city. Lumix LX3 photo.


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SEPTA’s Number 15 Streetcar


PCC’s on Girard Avenue, July 3, 2013.

In 2005, SEPTA re-introduced regular streetcar service to its number 15 route along Philadelphia’s Girard Avenue using historic President Conference Committee (PCC) trolley cars. These are painted in the old Philadelphia Transportation Company’s livery, which ads class to the service.

SEPTA 15 streetcar.
SEPTA’s number 15 Streetcar makes the corner at 26th and Poplar Streets in Philadelphia. Lumix LX3 photo.

My brother Sean lives just a few blocks from Girard Avenue, and on the afternoon of July 3, 2013, we made a project of photographing the cars in service. While on previous trips we’ve gone for a spin, this time we drove, allowing me to make the maximum number of photos in just a limited time. We’ll take another spin on another day soon!

While SEPTA’s Route 15 seems to run on 10-15 minute intervals, not every service has a PCC. At least one of the runs was provided by a bus. I made an image of this as well because I’ve learned from my study of railways, that it is best to photograph everything and sort out the wheat from the chaff at a later date. (In other words don’t judge your subject).

SEPTA Bus on 15 Route.
While anticipating a PCC I was surprise to see that SEPTA was providing some the 15 services with buses. Yet, this is part of the story, so I made an image of the bus too. A streetcar was not far behind. Lumix LX3 photo.

PCC car in Philadelphia.
This is the PCC that followed the bus. Patience paid off. Lumix LX3 photo.

PCC cars in Philadelphia.
SEPTA PCC cars on Girard Avenue cross Broad Street on July 3, 2013. Lumix LX3 photo.

This trip, I made digital images with my Lumix LX3 and Canon EOS 7D. On previous trips I’ve photographed the Route 15 in black & white using a Leica M4, and made color slides using my Nikons and Canon EOS 3.

PCC car in Philadelphia.
Instead of the destination, this PCC promotes the Philadelphia Phillies. Lumix LX3 photo.

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