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Rome: Nice Light and Colorful Trains.

A couple of weeks ago I made these views of some colorful Trenitalia trains at Roma Termini.

Bright Mediterranean light is pleasant to work with. In this situation I’ve taken the classic approach with the sun over my left shoulder. It was nice to have some interesting, yet static subjects to work with.

I made several digital views with my Lumix LX7, but also exposed some 35mm color slides on Fujichrome Provia.

Lumix LX7 photograph.
Lumix LX7 photograph.

These are the digital images. We’ll need to wait to see how the slides turned out.

Notice my placement of the shadows in the scene.


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Traveling on Trenitalia from Fiumicino Airport

Rail-connected airports have become common on the European continent.

The ability to walk directly from your terminal to a waiting train that takes you directly to your destination is a very civilized way to travel.

Trenitalia’s first class Leonardo Express rests to the left of our double-deck local train (R22112) at Fiumicino Airport.
On board the double-deck I photographed this display screen.
My view of the lower level of the double-deck train.
A photo of the top deck before the train filled up.
The FS (State Railways) Roma Trastevere Station at the time of our arrival. Handheld photo made with my Lumix LX7 in ‘night mode’. (which assembles a composite image in-camera.)

In recent months I’ve learned the intricacies of navigating Trenitalia’s automated ticket machines.

While these have an English language option, to buy a ticket typically requires more than a dozen steps, including ‘continuing’ through various warnings that advise you about pickpockets, unauthorized persons supplying information, and reminders to validate your tickets (you’ve been warned!).

So last week (September 2017) when Honer Travers and I arrived at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, we were well armed with the knowledge to obtain the correct tickets. We rapidly paged through the automated machine and without difficulties had tickets in hand in just minutes.

We boarded our double-deck local train and were on our way to Roma Travestere.

Buying local transit tickets the next morning wasn’t as painless, as the automated machines we found did not seem to work as intended.

Photos exposed using my Lumix LX7.

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TrenItalia ETR600 panned with my Lumix.

A TrenItalia ETR600 high-speed pendolino arrives at Florence, Italy in April 2017.
Trailing view of the same train.

I exposed these views using my Lumix LX7 digital camera. By working with a slower shutter speed and panning the train as it passed, I was able to convey a sensation of motion.

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