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Freight over the Gotthard Pass—April 2016

On this day seven years ago—15 April 2016—my Irish friends and I were visiting Switzerland’s famous Gotthard Pass.

This was shortly before opening of SBB’s new 35-mile long Gotthard Base Tunnel, so the old sinuous double-track electrified line was still alive and very busy with freight and passenger traffic.

In the evening near Zgraggen, Switzerland we caught this uphill DB freight winding its way toward the old Gotthard Tunnel.

I exposed this vertically oriented image as part of a sequence of photos with my old FujiFilm XT1 digital camera.

FujiFilm XT1 with Fujinon 18-135mm lens set at 25mm and f7.1, 1/500th of second, ISO 400.

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SBB along the shore of Lake Geneva

Sometimes it’s still nice to have a color slide.

In the early evening on 21 April 2017, photographer Denis McCabe and I were set up along the shore of Lake Geneva at Chillon, Switzerland.

Although I had two digital cameras with me, I opted to make this photograph of an SBB express on Fuji Provia 100F color slide film.

Last night I scanned the slide using a Nikon LS5000 slide scanner for presentation here. I like the full rich color offered by this traditional photograph.

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SBB Freight—Five years ago.

A venerable SBB electric in classic red paint glides along leading freight on super-elevated track through Wangen bei Olten, Switzerland on April 14, 2016.

Earlier in the day I’d flown with my Irish friends from Dublin to Basel.

I made this view with my FujiFilm XT1. This photo is scaled directly from the camera created JPG with Velvia color profile.

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