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Provia 100F on the Rhein

Among the photos in my ‘Scan pile’ was this Fujichrome Provia 100F slide of a northward SBB Cargo train on the westbank of the Rhein near Lorch, Germany

It was among the color slides that I chose to scan during the week using my old Epson V600 flatbed scanner powered by Epson Scan 2 software.

Yesterday, I had prints made from some of my recent scans and was impressed by the way the scanning captured detail in the film right down to the grain.

Provia 100F color slide exposed on September 17, 2019.

Tightly cropped version to show detail.

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12mm view at Oberwesel,

Perched high in a medieval watch tower in the old town wall at Oberwesel, Germany, I exposed this view of northward DB (German Railways) Intercity 2026 along the ‘Left Bank’ of the Rhein.

I was traveling with my old pal TSH in September 2019 on a short, but very photographically productive tour of the scenic Middle Rhein.

Look carefully and you’ll spot the tail-end of a northward freight on the opposite side of the river.

I was working with my FujiFilm XT1 with 12mm Zeiss Touit lens.

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Crossrail Along the Rhein

On the evening of September 13, 2013, I made this digital photograph of a southward Crossrail intermodal freight working the right bank of the Rhein near Kamp-Bornhofen. The train is powered by a Bombardier TRAXX electric locomotive, among the most common types of modern motive power working German rails. 

The sinuous Rhein Valley offers countless views of the electrified mainlines on both sides of the river. This view was made from the left bank of the river south of Boppard, where I aimed across the water to capture the fading window of sun that lit the tracks later than other nearby locations.

I was traveling with photographer Denis McCabe on a weeklong trip in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, on which I exposed hundreds of digital and film photos of trains on the move (among other subjects).

Canon EOS-7 fitted with 18-135mm Canon zoom set at 117mm, camera-JPG scaled in Adobe Lightroom.

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TRAXX at Lorch, Germany

DB (German Railways) class 185 electrics are members of Bombradier’s TRAXX Family of locomotives.

These are a common type for freight service.

Last September, I made this view of a Class 185 leading a southward tank train rolling along the Rhein near Lorch at Im  Bachergrund using my FujiFilm XT1.

Autumn sun was softened by thin high clouds that made for almost ideal lighting.

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Vlexx at Oberwesel; Railcar Skirts the City Walls

Standing on the Oberwesel city walls last September, I made this digital photograph of a Vlexx diesel-railcar gliding along the Rhein.

A cloud obscured the sun so I made some adjustments in Lightroom to temper the effect of the changing light.

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