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Amtrak F40PH Heritage Locomotive-Finding an Angle.

So often I hear the following excuse:

“I don’t photograph trains anymore because I don’t like [fill in the blank here]”

In the 1980s, I thought Amtrak F40PHs were just about as dull as it got.

I didn’t mind the F40 per se, but the platinum mist livery with narrow stripes, black cab and black trucks didn’t do it for me. And these engines were everywhere!

They were the ubiquitous face of Amtrak: found on the Lake Shore, the Zephyr, the Broadway, etc.

I photographed them anyway. In black & white and in color.

Looking back, some of the photos have aged well.

Yet, the other day at when I was at Claremont Junction, New Hampshire to visit the traveling Amtrak Exhibit train, I still found it hard to get overly enthusiastic about an Amtrak F40!

None-the-less, I made this view on Fuji Neopan Across 100 using my old Leica fitted with a 21mm Super Angulon.

June 18, 2016, Claremont Junction, New Hampshire.
June 18, 2016, Claremont Junction, New Hampshire.

You know, it doesn’t look so bad now.

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