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Resignalling at Boyle; Ten Years ago.

Between 2003 and 2008, Irish Rail converted most of its peripheral lines from traditional control using mechanical semaphore signals and electric train staff to a Mini-CTC (centralised traffic control) system with colour-light signaling.

In May 2005, the signals at Boyle on the Sligo Line reflected this pending transition. The new hardware was in place, but the old semaphores were still doing their job. By the end of the year the signal towers on the Sligo Line had been closed and the day of the semaphore was done.

Station sign at Boyle on Irish Rail's Sligo Line.
Station sign at Boyle on Irish Rail’s Sligo Line.
Boyle resignalling looking east May 2005 Brian Solomon photo 0024052
Looking up road (toward Dublin) at Boyle in May 2005.

Brian Solomon will be presenting a illustrated talk to the Irish Railway Record Society in Dublin on Thursday February 12th at 7:30pm.This is titled  Ireland in Colour, Bo-Bo’s, Rail Freight and Signal Cabins.

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