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Vienna, Austria September 2008

It was on the afternoon of 9 September 2008, when I made this image of the Wiener Lokalbahn tram sheds in Vienna.

At the time I had visions of writing a book about the lost Hapsburg Empire that once spanned much of central and eastern Europe.

Denis McCabe and I visited Vienna at the tale-end of a whirlwind trip that had taken us around the Czech and Slovak Republics.

I made this view on Fujichrome, which I scanned last night using my Epson V600 flatbed scanner.

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Sugarbeet Crossing Over

In January 2012, Stephen Hirsch, Denis McCabe and I were on a visit to Austria.

On the way to the Wien Flughafen, we paused at a rural station along the busy Westbahn.

At dusk a laden eastward sugar beet freight was crossing over from the old line to the newer route as a westward train approached at speed.

This is one impressive piece of railway infrastructure!

Exposed using a Canon 7D. Photo adjusted in Adobe Lightroom.

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Frosty Morning in Salzburg

I had a full day in Salzburg at the tail end of a week-long winter exploration of Austria and Bavaria.

Standing on the banks of the nearly frozen Salzach, I made this view of a DB (German Railways) Regional Express set running empty from the Salzburg Hbf.

Although the sky was clear above, an inversion layer had trapped pollution near the ground giving the light a brown tint.

Salzburg is near the border with Germany and German and Austrian services overlap in this area.

35mm Fujichrome slide scanned using a Nikon Super Coolscan5000 with VueScan software.

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