Sunday at Moira

Last Sunday, I spent several hours photographing NI Railways and Enterprise trains at Moira, a station on the old Great Northern Railway’s Belfast-Dublin route.

The attractions of this location include a preserved signal cabin and a footbridge at the Dublin-end. Another benefit is the level crossing with a local road at the Dublin end. The barriers protecting the road drop 3-4 minutes before trains pass, which provides ample warning to prepare for photography.

This is especially helpful if you are sitting in a car nearby trying to edit texts and photos for a book on deadline.

Moira cabin is preserved. I made several views of the old box including this one with a crow in flight.
A NI Railways 3000-series CAF set approaches its station stop at Moira on its way from Belfast to Portadown, Northern Ireland.
Soft sun accentuates the front of the train and the signal cabin at Moira.

I exposed these photos using my FujiFilm XT1 with 90mm f2.0 telephoto lens.

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4 comments on “Sunday at Moira

  1. I wondered about the peculiar positioning of the cabin.

  2. John O'Connor on said:

    Superb photos – like the ones you added today as well.

    Its an excellent service from Moira with the added advantage of a pleasant walk from the town to/from the station when the weather is nice.

    Roy Carlisle has just published a book “The Tracks of My Railway Years” with photos from the 1970s. Includes some interesting ones of Moira with the manual level crossing and the signal box in its original situation on the Portadown side of the level crossing.

  3. Sorry! Distracted by my editing tasks and the regular parade of trains.

  4. John O'Connor on said:

    Why didn’t u drop in for a coffee? 😉

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