South Shore Revisted

Last week, Chris Guss and I revisited the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend street trackage at Michigan City, Indiana.

This classic vestige of interurban railroading always makes for interesting photos.

My father, Richard J. Solomon first visited the South Shore at Michigan City back in 1958.

My first trip over the line was 26 years later.

I exposed this sequence of an afternoon eastward electric train using my FujiFilm XT1 with prime 90mm telephoto. I was playing with the focus.

At Michigan City the tracks are the subject.
In this view I’ve focused on the train. If the sun had been out, this would have been a harshly lit afternoon image.

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2 comments on “South Shore Revisted

  1. Anonymous on said:


    That must be the last true interurban left?

    Dan Smith

  2. Anonymous on said:

    My first (and only trip) was in the winter of , I think, 1978. The old 1920s stock, partially rebuilt, was still in service. Now the “new” stock is itself fairly vintage. Quite a lengthy train in the picture – 8 cars? A particular memory is the toilets in the basement of the South Shore station in Michigan City – no doors on the cubicles. Quite a drastic way of eliminating unpleasant behaviour.

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