Rome on Film.

Using my Nikon N90S with a Nikkor AF 35mm lens, I exposed these Provia 100F slides at Rome’s Porta Maggiore in September 2017.

I often expose color slides in addition to digital images.

I scanned the slides using a Nikon scanner with VueScan software. My initial scans are made at very high resolution (4000 dots per inch or higher) and then using Lightroom I scaled these for internet presentation.

Are these photos better than the digital images? I don’t know. My film photos have different characteristics than the digital images. Also, I like to give slide shows and I find it’s much easier and more satisfying to project original color slides than put together digital presentations.

Slide film works well in certain contrasty situations such as this one.
An antique narrow gauge tram makes a station stop near a centuries old Roman wall at Porta Maggiore.

For more on VueScan see:

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2 comments on “Rome on Film.

  1. Not to mention ruining the long standing tradition of allowing passengers to ride soaking wet on the bus and steaming up the windows!

  2. Michael Walsh on said:

    I never ceased to be amazed how the Italians (and others, e.g. Prague) have fitted newer technology into their historic streets, while in Dublin we can’t even get a bus shelter in O’Connell Street, apparently because its splendour would be despoiled by such an intrusion.

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