New York City Subway Collage—July 2016.

Making my way from point to point underground in New York City, I always keep my Lumix at the ready.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, I made black & white photos of the subway with my old Leica, so I’ve been at this  a while.

The mix of old tiles, modern signs and the continual rush of humanity makes for lots of photographic possibilities.

For ease of exposure I set the Lumix to ‘A’ mode for aperture; wind the lens open to about f1.4/f2; set the white balance to ‘auto’, and release the shutter from below eye level (as required).




42nd Street.
42nd Street.
28th Street.
28th Street.






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5 comments on “New York City Subway Collage—July 2016.

  1. Sorry, I was being allusive; as in the ‘as required’ footnote on old schedules.

  2. Michael Walsh on said:

    Aha! I thought it might be some transit police stricture!

  3. As required by the demands of the image making process.

  4. Michael Walsh on said:

    Nice mix of images, but “release the shutter from below eye level (as required).” As required by who?

  5. Brian:
    Thanks for sharing these: the “28t” tiles image is magnificent! Nice way to start the day.

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