Los Angeles Blue Line—Rosa Parks Station.

In November 2018, I made this view of the Los AngelesMetro Rail Blue Line at Rosa Parks Station using my old Lumix LX7.

A while ago in a spare quiet moment, I started to count up all the cities where I’d photographed rail-transit over the years.

I lost track at fifty!

(Cities, that is).

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One comment on “Los Angeles Blue Line—Rosa Parks Station.

  1. Dennis Hage on said:

    I think I am close to 90 Tram, Streetcar,Ligth rail Systems that I have ridden. Some of them I can remember. The first was likely Newark City Subway and Philadelphia Rte 47, those go back to the late 1950’s. In 2004 I visited St Peterburg, Russia and rode their Trolleys, T-Buses and Metro. That was 2 weeks after I was almost arrested in Linden, NJ for standing on Train platform taking pictures of the AEM’s (Swed. Meatballs). I have also rode Trolleys in Hiroshima, Japan among several over there. I have ridden most of the Systems in US The few I have not ridden is the latest openings , such as Kansas City, Milwaukee etc.

    Keep up the good work and posting pictures. I study each and every post.

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