Heuston Station with Tri-Colour Lighting: North Side View.

(Hint: if you aren’t on Brian’s site, click on Tracking the Light to get the full view!).

The other day I offered a view of Dublin’s Heuston Station lit for St. Patrick’s Day.

A day or so later, I rode by on the top of a double decker bus, and it occurred to me that I’d missed the image.

By showing the station face-on, I inadvertently minimized the effect of the lit Irish Tricolour.

Heuston_Station_at_Night_mod1_P1410635Here, I show the station at a more oblique angle the I feel does a better job of capturing the effect. I’ve included the LUAS but in a marginal role.

What do you think?

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One comment on “Heuston Station with Tri-Colour Lighting: North Side View.

  1. tom rochford on said:

    Brian, Thanks for sharing St. Patricks Day in Dublin for those of us who could not be there.

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