England vs Korea: A 2-6-0 and a Diesel Multiple Unit—Face to Face.

Technological Contrasts.

Exposed at Connolly Station, Dublin using a Lumix LX7.
Exposed at Connolly Station, Dublin using a Lumix LX7.

The other day, I spotted this photo opportunity at the car park at Dublin’s Connolly Station.

Railway Preservation Society Ireland’s preserved 2-6-0 461 was parked face to face (or front to front, if you prefer) with one of Irish Rail’s common Intercity Railcars (ICRs).

A perfect opportunity to photograph old and new together.

Both are commonly seen on Irish railways, but both are foreigners. The 461 was 1923 product of Beyer Peacock in England, while the ICR was built by Rotem in Korea. Where else can you see such an eclectic combination?

The steam locomotive was one of two built for the Dublin & Southeastern, and is one of only a few operating steam locomotives in Ireland. The ICR is Irish Rail’s standard type of train for intercity services. Do you think the ICR will still be around in 91 years?

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