DAILY POST: Johnsonville, New York, November 4, 1984.

 An Early Favorite.

Johnsonville_Nov4_1984_Brian Solomon
Exposed on Tri-X with a Leica 3A; image cropped slightly to correct for level, contrast adjusted locally in Photoshop. 

Of my older black & white images, I feel this is among my most successful compositions. For me it goes beyond simple documentation of the railroad, yet captures the essence of Northeastern railroading in the early 1980s.

I’m standing in the ruined shell of the old Boston & Maine tower at Johnsonville, New York, where the line to Troy had diverged from the route to Mechanicville and Rotterdam.

In the tower’s broken windows, I’ve framed a distant eastward B&M freight (operated by Guilford Transportation Industries). The railroad, like the tower, is a shell of its former glory, having suffered from decades of decline. Yet, the trains still roll.

The stark, yet diffused November light adds to the scene and backlights the train illuminating the locomotive exhaust. Although the train is small, it is clearly the subject of the photo. The eye is immediately drawn to the locomotives and only later explores the rest of the image. I was particularly pleased with the placement of the old railings inside the tower.

For many years I had a 5×7 inch black and white print of this image on my wall.

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2 comments on “DAILY POST: Johnsonville, New York, November 4, 1984.

  1. Jeffrey and Jennifer Dean on said:

    Oops I meant to type “this website” rather than this websites. I type a little too fast sometimes. 😉

  2. Jeffrey and Jennifer Dean on said:

    This is an interesting photo. I love travelling on trains and so does my husband. He really likes trains a lot and this websites is intriguing. I just wanted to compliment these photographs that you stand for. It is like a like a breath of fresh air to see photographers take innocent pictures these days. Not so much into the girly, bad, indecent stuff of today. Thank you so much for time taking these photos and keep up the good work.


    Jeff and Jenn Dean 🙂

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