A Dozen new Photos! Subterranean Photography Exercise: Lumix LX7 on New York City Subway.


Tracking the Light goes Underground!


My Lumix LX7 is a great tool for photographing the subway. It has a fast lens (f1.4) while the camera body is light, compact, flexible, and discrete.

For my New York City Subway photography exercise; I set the ISO to 200, the white balance to ‘auto’, set the exposure to dial to ‘A’ (for aperture priority, meaning I manually select the f-stop and the camera selects the appropriate corresponding shutter speed for optimal exposure ) and open the f-stop to near it’s widest setting.



The Lumix LX7 allows me turn off all the sounds and lights, so when I release the shutter nothing beeps or flashes.

I exposed both RAW and Jpeg files simultaneously. While the camera’s automatic exposure was close, I needed made minor adjustments to contrast and white balance in post-processing using Lightroom.


Typically this is necessary to bring the highlights under control while opening up (lightening) the shadow areas to make detail more visible.







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3 comments on “A Dozen new Photos! Subterranean Photography Exercise: Lumix LX7 on New York City Subway.

  1. The Fuji XT1 and Panasonic LX7 are both excellent. Their differences complement each other nicely.
    I’ve used the Fuji for subway photos, but the LX7 is better suited because of its small size and relatively inconspicuous appearance. Among the advantages of the Fuji is that it offers better image quality at high ISO, and has a tilt-down rear viewing panel, plus interchangeable lenses. Both are superior for subway photography than my old Nikon F3 with color slide films.

  2. Michael Walsh on said:

    Great images. Maybe a master-class should be given at some stage? Also Lumix vs Fuji – is one distinctly better, or do they each have different strengths?

  3. Bill Sample on said:

    The largely unknown treasures of underground New York City.
    Thanks for sharing!

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