Thursday Extra Post: Follow up view!

In relation to this morning’s post; Mass-Central on Ware Hill; Boston & Albany’s Ware River Branch in a Modern Context, I’ve received several comments (and email) suggesting that a view in between the two I originally presented might be a superior alternative.

I don’t concur, but I am willing to offer this photo as a potential third alternative.

The third option.
The third option.

I had had my FujiFilm X-T1 set  to  ‘turbo flutter’ (continuous fast) and so exposed a great many images  in rapid successionat this location.

Sometimes Tracking the Light posts more often than once per day!

4 comments on “Thursday Extra Post: Follow up view!

  1. DAVE CLINTON on said:

    How about the next exposure, so the tree isn’t blocking the cab of the loco and is just before the large tree, that you had in your second shot?

  2. Brian Jennison on said:

    I agree that blocking the cab isn’t good. Those smaller trees do more blocking than one would originally have thought.

  3. Everyone’s a critic, so I’ll be one too. How about an image placing the locomotive where the 1st car is in the above photo between the 2nd and 3rd tall tree from the left? This would place it about 1/3 car-length beyond the locomotive in the top photo this morning. Or would that divide the image too much into halves left to right?

  4. Bill Sample on said:

    Still prefer the 1st exposure from this morning!

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