Tech Briefs Gives CTech media an Honorable Mention

The news magazine Tech Briefs gave the Creative Technology (CTech) archival media project an honorable mention in their November 2019 issue.

This is the long term archival media project that I’ve been working on with CTech.

The photograph in the article shows one of the glass slides that I processed and prepared for testing on board the International Space Station.

Tech Briefs is monthly magazine that highlights Nasa technology.

Previously on Tracking the Light Post, I offered this summary of the project:

Several years ago my concerns over the lack of long-term archival storage for my growing collection of railroad photographs (and those of my fellow photographers) led me to begin working with scientists at Creative Technology LLC, including my father Richard Jay Solomon, Clark Johnson Jr., and Eric Rosenthal, in order to find a means of preserving photography, especially digital photography, by using proven technologies.

This evolved into a much larger project aimed at preserving and storing all digital media using silver technology—similar to that used to make photographs.

NASA took an interest in Creative Technology’s concept and contracted them to send examples of the storage media to the International Space Station to test its ability to withstand the rigors of the space environment.

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If you are interested in learning more about this project contact:

Eric Rosenthal, 732-580-9555 

Brian Solomon’s Tracking the Light posts Daily!

2 comments on “Tech Briefs Gives CTech media an Honorable Mention

  1. Thank you Markku!
    Hopefully this will lead to full development of our technology and a new generation of stable archival data storage!

  2. Markku Pulkkinen on said:

    This is really remarkable!!!

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