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Railway Ruins in the Forest—Evidence of another Era.

I felt like a Victorian explorer being led through forests by expert guides. Petri and Pietu Tuovinen, and Markku Pulkinen led me a long a disused track.

“There is a locomotive turntable here.”

Indeed! Masked by trees, hidden from view, and located off the end of a lightly used branch line at Ammansaari, Finland is the old turntable once used to spin light steam locomotives.

Few visitors are afforded the privilege of seeing this relic. It was like finding a Mayan pyramid in the rain forest.


I exposed these photos digitally using my FujiFilm X-T1. For effect, I set the camera to the preset that emulates black & white film with a red filter. For posterity, I also exposed a few color slides.

My old Contax with real black & white film would have served me well here.




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