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January 2018 Trains Magazine Features my Column titled ‘Tickets Please!’

This is the cover of the January 2018 Trains. My column appears on page 17.

Yesterday I received my copy of the January 2018 Trains Magazine that features my most recent column.

Using my Lumix LX7, I made the photo illustrating my text on-board an SNCF TGV high-speed service from Brussels to Lille back in April 2017.

A photo of my iPhone displaying my E-Ticket is this months illustration. Note Tracking the Light business card to the left of the phone.

Below is a view of the same train at sunrise in Brussels prior to departure. Although unstated in the article, this was part of a trip across Europe during my research for my up-coming book on European Railway travel.

Exposed with my Lumix LX7; ISO 80 f1.8 at 1/13 of a second handheld at Brussels Midi. Photo ©Brian Solomon 2017.

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