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German Class 52 2-10-0 works upgrade near Pelm, April 3, 2010

German steam near Gerolstein
One of the advantages of the LX-3 are its multiple aspect ratios. For this photograph, I selected the 16:9 ratio for a panoramic view.

175th Anniversary Plandampf:

Three years ago, four of my Irish friends and I flew to Germany to witness 175th anniversary of German railway celebrations and excursions. This was truly spectacular and featured an ambitious excursion schedule focused on Trier in the Mosel Valley. While we were up early every morning it was impossible to catch all of the more than 100 special trains operated over the six day period in early April. The lines covered by excursions were all new to me, so prior to our arrival, I’d spent more than a week pouring over maps and satellite views.

Among the lines intensively worked was the heavily graded single track route east of Gerolstein toward Daun. Here, my map-work paid off, as I’d picked out this spot never having been there before. Our means of obtaining the location was a bit unorthodox; we drove up a lightly traveled unpaved trail, then uphill across a field to reach a fire-road then further up hill. Upon reaching the ridge, we found there was actually an easier means of getting here. Some German enthusiasts already on-site were bemused by our bold arrival. ‘You must have a great faith in God to come here that way,’ they said to me.

Using my Lumix LX-3, I made this image of Deutche Bahn Class 52 8134-0 working up the valley toward Daun. I also exposed a series of color slides on Fujichrome with my Canon EOS-3.

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