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Obscure Subway—Lausanne Metro.

When I think of subway systems, New York, London and Paris immediately come to mind, as do Moscow, and Washington D.C.

I’ve traveled on subways in many cities over the last year including; Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Köln, Brussels, Boston, Prague and Vienna.

How about Lausanne?

In April, Denis McCabe and I briefly visited Lausanne, Switzerland and went for a short spin on the Lausanne Metro.

I’m not a fan of subways with exterior doors.

My primary complaint is that exterior doors make photography difficult. But also  these raises the cost of construction, maintenance  and operation without providing much benefit to passengers.

Not withstanding, I made this image at the Flon station using my Lumix LX7.

Exposed at ISO 80 at 1/25th of a second at f1.8 using a Lumix LX7 digital camera.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.

Interlude at the SBB Station in Lausanne.

The trains arrive and depart in waves.

Despite an aggressive schedule of passenger trains, SBB still has capacity to roll freights through.

I made these photos digitally using my FujiFilm X-T1.

The station consists of a classic stone faced building, arched through shed over the platforms, and all the expected amenities.

Look at this impressive list of departures! Not bad for 45 minutes. More trains than many American cities get all week.
SBB Stadler railcars are common on many local trains.
Under the train shed at Lausanne. RAW file adjusted for contrast and exposure.
Freights are largely electrically hauled.

Tracking the Light Posts Daily.