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Government Center-41 Years apart.

Both views below show a Lechmere-bound Greenline train at Boston’s Government Center station.

I made the top view on Ektachrome about 1980, using my old Leica 3A. This features one of the Boeing-Vertol ‘Light Rail Vehicle’ cars.

The bottom view was made last October (2021) using my Nikon Z6, and features one of the AnsaldoBreda Type 8 cars.

Although the angle of the photos varies and there’s about 41 years between them, both were exposed at approximately the same place.

Ektachrome slide adjusted using Adobe Lightroom.
Nikon digital image.

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Green Line Government Center

On our travels around Boston two weeks ago, Kris and I changed trains at MBTA’s Government Center station.

40 years ago I photographed MBTA’s PCCs squeeling through these subterranean tunnels. Those cars are largely a memory, as are the Boeing-Vertol ‘LRVs’ that replaced them.

So on the most recent visit to MBTA’s Green Line, I made these photos of more modern trolleys in the arificial light of the subway tunnels using my Nikon Z6 mirrorless digital camera.

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Vintage Green Line.

I had about five hours before I needed to catch a flight from Logan, so I checked my bags and went into Boston.

My goal was to photograph the old MBTA Green Line elevated near North Station before it was closed and removed.

This was way back in June 1999—More than 20 years ago.

Today this portion of the old elevated is just a memory.

Exposed with a Nikon on Fujichrome.

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—THREE PHOTOS—LUAS Vodafone Tram at Dundrum

The impressive cable-stayed suspension bridge at Dundrum is one of my favorite places to picture Dublin’s LUAS Green Line.

A week ago, I timed my arrival at Dundrum to coincide with the passage of the Vodafone advertising tram that wears a colourful temporary livery.

There was perhaps 10 minutes left of sun in the Irish winter sky.

Photos exposed using my Lumix LX7

At left is the old Dundrum railway station—LUAS Green Line operates over portions of the old Harcourt railway line.

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